CRETACOLOR Aqua Brique, 10er-metal case, source sponge

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CRETACOLOR Aqua Brique, 10er-metal case, source sponge

Aqua Brique is a solid water-soluble block of color which can be used on various surfaces, e.g. paper, canvas, wood, etc.
It will also adhere to smooth surfaces like  plastic, glass, etc.
Aqua Brique is exceptionally lightfast even when used as watercolor and conforms to the three best out of five lightfastness categories LF1 to LF 3.

The special pigments guarantee brilliant colors and exceptional water solubility.
The block form enables easy picking up of the color with a brush as well as large-format drawings by hand.
Aqua Brique is suitable for a multitude of techniques: classic watercolor drawing, sketching and large-format drawing, sgraffito, blending, frottage, etc.

Colors included:
Blue, green, orange, yellow, white, purple, dark green, red, brown and black

Dimensions of metal cases:
Length: about 140 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 15 mm