Victorinox SwissCard Nailcare, Ice-Blue Translucent, 0.7240.T21

Item number 0.7240.T21

Item ID 773

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SwissCard Nailcare


The SwissCard Nailcare boasts a new function that no other Swiss Army Knife has – the glass nail file. This shines with a technical specialty. The abrasive grains are not mechanically applied onto the file body as usual, but rather ncorporated into the glass. This prevents the file from losing its strength and edge. The glass file can be cleaned quickly under warm water. Use the incorporated scissors to trim finger nails and smooth off the edges with the glass nail file. Our insider tip is to use the Quattro screwdriver as a nail cleaner. Conveniently stored in your purse, handbag or pocket, the SwissCard Nailcare is always close at hand.


  1. glass nail file 
  2. scissors 
  3. tweezers 
  4. toothpick 
  5. ballpoint pen 
  6. pin stainless 
  7. ruler (cm) 
  8. ruler (inches) 
  9. magnifying lens 
  10. screwdriver 3mm 
  11. screwdriver 5 mm 
  12. Phillips screwdriver for PH1 and PH2 


Color Ice-Blue Translucent
Length 82 mm
Width 55 mm
Height 4.5 mm
Net Weight 26 g


Folding multi-tool blade under 3 inches