Hans Baier - Shaving Set Razor, Shaving Brush Silvertip, Holder black/chrome

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Hans Baier Exclusive - Shaving Set Razor Mach 3, Shaving Brush Silvertip, Holder black / chrome

Visually appealing quality work made of black plastic, with chrome accents.

Razors for Standard Gillette Mach 3 blades for clean and safe shaving.

The handle is made of
black plastic and is partially chromed. Together with the bulbous shape, it adds a distinctive appearance while maintaining a robust nature.

The quality silvertip hair shaving brush creates a gentle, luxurious skin feeling while applying the lather.

Made in Germany.

Hans Baier

For nearly 100 years Hans Baier is one of the leading german manufacturers for high-quality, handmade shaving brushes, made without bleaching or cutting the hairs.

Together with it's sortiment of shaving sets, razors, stands, shaving soaps, soap bowls in addition to multiple other accessories, Hans Baier offers a wide arrangement of german quality products.