GOLDDACHS Shaving brush, 100% badger hair, olive wood

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GOLDDACHS Shaving brush, 100% badger hair, olive wood

A high-quality shaving brush with Pure Badger hair.

The brush handle is made of olive wood. Olive wood is a hard wood with antibacterial properties. The high oil content makes the wood highly water-repellent. Thanks to the individual grain, each shaving brush is unique.
For care, carefully dry the wood after shaving. Afterwards, every now and then it can be rubbed with olive oil.

The Pure Badger is dark colored and comparatively robust. It is won from the underfur and has an even thickness. The strength ensures a pleasant massage effect on the skin. Badger hair offers excellent properties with regard to water absorption and lathering of the shaving soap.

The shaving brush is also available in a set with stand and razors of different blade systems.



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