Seitz-Kreuznach - Shaving Set Olive Wood XXL, Safety razor, Silvertip

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Seitz-Kreuznach - Shaving Set Olive Wood XXL, Safety razor, Silvertip

The shaving set Olive Wood XXL offers the right equipment to anyone who thinks the handles of conventional shaving instruments are too small.
Both the razor and the shaving brush have long high-quality olive wood handles, which even fit into the largest hand.
The set comes in a rustic wooden casket (28 x 21 x 14 cm).

The razor

The double edge safety razor makes the shave particularly gentle on the skin. Above all, contours can be excellently shaped with the safety razor.
Closed comb, short screw connection, handle length 18 cm.
The razor works with conventional razor blades. The set contains a pack of 10 Timor razor blades.

The shaving brush

The Silvertip badger hair offers the highest quality of shaving brushes. Characteristic is the shimmering silver color and the dark band. It is won from the winter fur of the badger and has very thin tips. This makes the hair pleasantly soft and particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Badger hair offers excellent properties with regard to water absorption and lathering of the shaving soap.
Handle length 20 cm.

Care tips

Ideally, shaving brushes should be hung on a stand for drying. Otherwise, water and soap residues seep down into the brush, which leads to long-term hair loss. The shaving brush can be hung using the leather strap.

Tips for shaving

Irrespective of the shaving system, good shaving results are mainly due to the preparation and follow-up of the skin.
The facial skin is the most relaxed in the morning hours. Warm the facial skin before shaving by washing with warm water. If you are using a preshave, let it work for a few minutes before lathering. If not, it also helps to let the shaving lather briefly take effect and then, if necessary, apply more lather.
In the first course, work with the grain, in the second one against the grain. After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Smaller injuries can be treated with an alum stick.
Finally, apply aftershave lotion or balm.

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