Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Bücker Bü 131 1:24

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Bücker Bü 131 1:24

To cut colored model and stick together

Can either be built in the gray or red version

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 3

Difficulty: 2

Unit: 1:24

Additionally necessary: ​​paper scissors, glue

Helpful tools: scalpel, bone folder, small clamps and needles for fixing

The manufacturer classifies his models in five levels of difficulty one:

"Children Model": very light and with childlike motifs
"0": beginners model
"1": Easy
"2": Medium
"3": Heavy

Bücker 131 Jungmann
The company Bücker - beginning founded the thirties - had specialized in the construction of training aircraft. The Bü131 was their first airplane, which was developed as a two-seat training aircraft for beginners. It was not only used by numerous German flight schools, but also for the training of military pilots. The machine has been exported to some countries and manufactured in Japan in large numbers under license. Again, the Bücker was used 131 Jungmann for both civilian and military training purposes. During World War II, the training planes were even equipped with bombs and used on the Eastern Front. The construction was consistently focused on lightweight construction. The tubular steel frame of the fuselage was covered with fabric, as well as the horizontal stabilizer. Only the cockpit and the engine were covered with light metal. So you hit a curb weight of 390 kg. The Hirth engine with 105 hp enough hours for a maximum speed of 180 km /. the Bucker Jungmann was about 650 km fly far and to rise to a height of 3,000 m at a cruising speed of 170 km / h. Even today you can admire numerous aircraft of this type at airshows in the air.