Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Udet U12 1:24

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Udet U12 1:24

To cut colored model and stick together

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 3.5

Difficulty: 2

Unit: 1:24

Additionally necessary: ​​paper scissors, glue

Helpful tools: scalpel, bone folder, small clamps and needles for fixing

The manufacturer classifies his models in five levels of difficulty one:

"Children Model": very light and with childlike motifs
"0": beginners model
"1": Easy
"2": Medium
"3": Heavy

Udet U 12 Flamingo
Ernst Udet, the great German aviator Idol, led Easter 1925 in Schleissheim near Munich for the first time the double-decker Udet U 12 Flamingo ago. It was at that time the best German trainer aircraft and also found in aerobatics quickly spread. The Udet Flugzeugbau GmbH in Munich-Ramersdorf (1922-34), however, was not set up to series production. so they went along with the Bavarian airplane works (BFW) in Augsburg, which then worked from 1927 with the company Messerschmitt. The Flamingo was a strained biplane in plywood construction, a pronounced light aircraft with 10 m span, 7.5 m length. The type U 12a with 70 to 96 hp primarily served as a trainer for beginners, the type U 12b with 125 horsepower and a top speed of 160 km / hr for advanced and aerobatic flights and as a sports and towing aircraft. A total of 200 Flamingos are about been built, mainly to the mid-thirties, the last until well into the forties approached. The most important customer was the German Pilot School in DVS Schleissheim where at times 39 flamingos were in use. For he was the need for a good and safe training aircraft is ideal for this. The Circus Krone also had the elegant Flamingo, which he used as a courier aircraft and aerial advertising. International recognition of the Flamingo came indeed by Udet's aerobatics. Udet had made as a fighter pilot in World War a name. Between the world wars he moved to the aerobatics. With the Flamingo, he showed daring aerial acrobatics near the ground. Famous is especially his feat to pick up a handkerchief with a spike at the wing tips from the ground. For He caused a sensation by flights under bridges, through hangars and crevasses, landings highest snow regions and some impressive films. Udet radiant name also attracted the Nazis. They made him Generalluftzeugmeister the Ministry of Aviation. He was responsible for equipping the air force with aircraft. However Udet was never a party member and always fell back on by criticism of the Nazi leadership. When they tried to push him to blame for the fatal situation of the German Luftwaffe in the shoes, he took on 17/11/1941 life. Officially, his death was presented as a flight accident. The death of air force general Udet has his friend Carl Zuckmayer excited about the play The Devil's General. The box model is the common two-seat standard version of the Flamingo with brown hull is based. The often pictured red flamingo with the registration D-822 was, however, a custom-built for Udet's aerobatics, single-seat special model. A replica of the Standard Model is owned by the classic car gliding club Munich (OSVM). it can sometimes admire again in the flight Schleißheim interested at air shows and. Or they look at again, as Heinz Rühmann in Quax, the Crash Pilot learns in a flamingo flying.