Schreiber arc Kartonmodellbau terminal L 20 d

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Schreiber arc Kartonmodellbau terminal L 20 d


Terminal L 20 d

Terminal L 20 d (Daimler L 20 PAL)

The twenties were the decade of pioneering achievements and records in aviation. Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic in 1927. A year later, the Hindenburg price was exposed, the 10,000 Reichsmarks for the best German amateur performance promised by sports plane until 1 November 1928th Sun launched Friedrich Karl Freiherr von Koenig-Warthausen in Berlin with a small plane of 13 m span in the direction of Moscow. In 16 hours, the twenty year old had km on the 1700, though his machine could only reach a maximum speed of 120 km / h. He had just 40 mark and took something to eat, but that did not stop him from planning an extension of the flight to Karachi. More than one stop to the rather inexperienced pilot reached his destination in India. On the way he had to make an emergency landing in bad weather several times. He had won the Hindenburg Cup. Now learned Koenig-Warthausen that the German Reich President had re-exposed to the trophy on November 1, 1929th His Klemm L d was 20 still intact, so that he could fly with multiple stops on to Singapore. By boat he and his machine then crossed over to the USA. From San Francisco he could fly again. He made stops in Los Angeles, where his terminal L should have been burnt by a hair 20, and in El Paso. On November 3, 1929, he finally arrived in New York. A car accident, bad weather and increasing problems with the engine had cost him much time. So he was late for a second Cup win. But he had traveled with his small plane 25,000 km around the world. the two-seat L was constructed from 20 d Hanns terminal. He worked as chief designer at the Daimler aircraft in Sindelfingen and had made himself especially with light aircraft a name. The two-cylinder Daimler engine had 883 cc engine and made 20 hp.

Length: 27 cm

Width: 52 cm

Height: 8 cm

Difficulty: 2

Arches: 2.5

Scale: 1:24

Children model