Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Egyptian temple

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Egyptian temple

Egyptian temple

The Schreiber-Bogen Egyptian temple represents a typical main temple, as he similarly v on many Egyptian temples from the period 1550 to 1070. was to be found. Chr. It even seems to have given a so-called Book of the Temple, which describes the structure of the ideal temple and the life in it. Still preserved plants like Philae and Edfu have apparently based on it.

The temple is divided mainly into four sections: the gate building (pylon), the courtyard, the porch and the sacred area.

The gate building consists of two towers that flank the actual portal. looks at the walls of the towers to depictions of Egyptian deities, and the masts with triangular flags. The portal leading into the courtyard with its columns, symbolizing the stems of plants. Reliefs can be seen on the walls.

To the atrium, the lobby connects. She had access to the actual temple building was divided into several rooms. One room housed the library. Another served the priests for ritual purification and storage of items for sacred ceremonies. In other areas, the offerings were prepared.

Behind the vestibule the sanctuary of the temple building was. Only the priest had access, was in charge of the ceremony. The main room of the sanctuary was surrounded by a colonnade, where presumably altars for smaller deities found their place. In the middle of the main room was on a pedestal called the Holy bark with a statue of a god.

The internal spaces and the sacred area of ​​the Temple priests were allowed to enter only if they had a high rank. The normal population was only allowed outside the temple in the open courtyards. Similar to the Temple of Herod in Jerusalem, the men were allowed a yard further inward than the women.

The total investment of the temple were also outside storage spaces for the animals, etc. Even the location for the drop was accurately determined. Also workshops, living quarters for the priests and spaces was embalmed in which were intended for outdoor use.

Length: 46 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 19 cm

Difficulty: 1

Arches: 6.5

Scale: 1: 300

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