Schreiber-Bogen Card Model Grazer Clocktower

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Graz clock tower


The Graz clock tower on the Schlossberg is the symbol of the Styrian capital Graz. The 28 meter high tower was built in the 13th century as part of the medieval fortifications. In the years 1559-1569 it was rebuilt in its current picturesque form with the typical steep tent roof, the wooden walkway and the south corner bay (the other bay windows in the 2nd half of the 19th century). Together with the bell tower, it was the only structure to escape demolition by the French in 1809. The Graz clock tower takes its name from the old clock with the giant dials (5.4 m in diameter), whose hour hand is longer than the minute hand. This should make it easier for citizens to read the time deep down in the city. The clockwork was built in 1712 and improved in 1822 and 1948. At the foot of the tower, coat of arms from the 16th century are walled in, which previously adorned the fortress gates. In a small turret hangs the; Armesünderglocke8221; cast by Johannes von Rottesperg in 1382. It was rung for the executions. The later name; Lumpenglocke8221; she received in the 19th century when her bell had to announce the police curfew to the inns.


Length: 0 cm


Width: 0 cm


Height: 35 cm


Degree of difficulty: 2


Bows: 3.5


Scale: 1:87


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