Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling bone Guildhall Hildesheim

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling bone Guildhall Hildesheim


Bone Guildhall Hildesheim

The bone Guildhall

First, the curious name falls on this building. Butchers' Guild butchers guild was called in the 16th century. The bone Guildhall is therefore the Guildhall Fleischer. It was originally one of three houses of the butchers guild in Hildesheim. While watching the butcher should be documented by the height of the gable. At 26 meters high, it should even surpass the Headquarters of the city fathers. The richly decorated facades, served the need for representation of the butchers. So it came to this unique building, which is considered the most beautiful wooden house in the world. It stands on the marketplace in Hildesheim and was built in 1529 - an artistic masterpiece of the late Gothic period. During World War II on March 22 destroyed in 1945, it was rebuilt only after the 1986th To achieve the original state was used partly the old materials that were collected over a wide area during the demolition of appropriate houses. Also technically worked in traditional style: 400 cubic meters of oak were assembled in more than 4,300 compounds with about 7,500 wooden nails. Basis for the reconstruction were photos that were fortunately available. They could be used with the help of photogrammetry as planning documents. Also there were documents and views from different times. Particular difficulties made the statics of the gable. For all his weight on the projections, the projected total of up to 2.40 m. Here traditional technique was difficult to reconcile with the static requirements of today. The roof could fall back on old brick 150 years. The pans were made by hand and were therefore different sizes. The carvings on the façade it possible to reconstruct the original building. That things were rough at the time of construction, can be seen clearly here. On the right portal post is to see a naked butt, the still shows a hand. Together with a face only a little deeper, which sticks out the viewer's tongue, one can piece together an idol-of-Berlichingen quote. Whether you had then paid the artists too bad? Or you fudged them in their business too much? From more recent times, the pictures are sent to the soffits above the windows. They were from 1853 by Georg Bergmann painted. The box model is faithfully here and be like the carvings in spite of the reduction still imagine the details. Together with the smaller Baker administration building right next to the tour of the Butchers' Guild house is worth and inside in each case. If you are in the market place, pay attention to the carved beams head of the lowest projection at the right corner of the house. is meant not to recognize a living politicians there?

Length: 11 cm

Width: 9 cm

Height: 14 cm

Difficulty: 2

Arches: 2.5

Scale: 1: 160

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