Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Egyptian House 1:87

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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Egyptian Residential House

Colored model to cut and stick!

Material: Paper, Cardboard

Number of sheets: 4,5

Standard: 1:87

Degree of difficulty : 1

The manufacturer classifies his models under 5 degrees of difficulty:

"Child model": very easy and with childlike motives
"0": Beginner model
"1": Easy
"2": Moderately severe
"3": Difficult

Egyptian House
Although in the towns of Ancient Egypt land for building houses was rare and the many-storeyed narrow houses didn"t offer much room, noble Egyptians could afford to build splendid villas surrounded by beautiful gardens. Usually these spacious gardens were protected by high walls and the entrance was controlled by a guard in a lodge. Usually the interior of the Egyptian villa comprised of three groups of rooms: the reception area, where visitors were received and business was dealt with, the main columned hall and the private rooms. The columned hall was the centre of the house - not only from an architectural point of view. It was the room for social activities where friends were also entertained. The walls of the airy hall were higher than those of the other walls. Often there were windows just beneath the roof which let in light and made the room bright and handsome. The private rooms consisted mainly of family bedrooms, complemented with tiled bathrooms and washrooms. The noble Egyptian house also had rooms for servants, storage rooms and stables together with a spacious garden where there was often also the house temple.