Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Egyptian house 1:87

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Egyptian house 1:87

To cut colored model and stick together

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 4.5

Scale: 1:87

Difficulty: 1

Additionally necessary: ​​paper scissors, glue

Helpful tools: scalpel, bone folder, small clamps and needles for fixing

The manufacturer classifies his models in five levels of difficulty one:

"Children Model": very light and with childlike motifs
"0": beginners model
"1": Easy
"2": Medium
"3": Heavy

Egyptian house
While in the cities of ancient Egypt land was scarce and the multi-story narrow houses offered little space to noble Egyptians stately mansions could afford in extensive gardens. Most high perimeter walls protected the spacious facilities; the input guarded by a guard in a box. The interior of the Egyptian Villa consisted usually of three groups of rooms, the lobby, received in the visitors and transactions were carried out, the central portico and private apartments. The portico was the center of the house, not only in terms of structure. She served the family as a social space where even friends were entertained. The walls of the airy hall were higher than those of the other rooms. Often there was just below the skylight, took in the light and made the room light and airy. The private quarters were primarily from the bedrooms of the family, complemented by tiled bathrooms and washrooms. the noble Egyptian property was completed by accommodation for servants, pantries, stables and a large garden in which often also was the family chapel.