Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Kreuzenstein Castle

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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Kreuzenstein Castle

Kreuzenstein Castle

to cut colored model and stick together!

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 14,5

Scale: 1: 250

Difficulty: 3

Additionally necessary: ​​paper scissors, glue
Helpful tools: scalpel, bone folder, small clamps and needles for fixing

The manufacturer classifies his models in five levels of difficulty one:

"Children Model": very light and with childlike motifs
"0": beginners model
"1": Easy
"2": Medium
"3": Heavy

Historical Burg Kreuzenstein

In prehistoric times, a ring wall as fortification was located at the site of the present castle Kreuzenstein. In the 12th century a castle was built here, which passed in 1278 into the possession of the Habsburgs. it was conquered by Swedish troops in 1645 and blown up in their withdrawal in three places during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648). Remains of the ruins were used by the population within as building material. Only parts of the curtain wall, the body of the east tower and parts of the chapel remained.

In the 18th century Count Wilczek family acquired from the castle ruins, began in 1874 with the construction of a Schauburg. This was completely different set up than the previous building. Existing wall remains but were involved in the construction. In addition, many of the original components were used for the construction of the new Schaunburg, which were gathered from all over Europe. This mixture of different components and different architectural styles makes the castle Kreuzenstein an exceptional witness of the Middle Ages. The construction lasted over 30 years. With the re-opening in 1906, Emperor Wilhelm II was. Present.
A major fire in 1915 damaged the library and archive tract strong. He destroyed the housed therein art collection, which included also historical musical instruments, manuscripts and original etchings by artists such as Dürer and Cranach. The structural damage could be repaired, but in World War II artillery shells hit the castle. Partly bullet holes are still to recognize that recall the destruction, but also demonstrate the permanence of the castle.
Today the castle is a popular destination in Wiener Umland. The castle rises between the Danube and Vienna forest and offers views over the Korneuburg Basin, the city of Vienna and large parts of Lower Austria. The extraordinary castle and its surroundings has already served for numerous film and television productions as a backdrop, some horror movies from the seventies and an Austrian television series for children. Films like "Season of the Witch," "The Pillars of the Earth" and the Disney production "The Three Musketeers" were filmed here.