Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Roman estate Villa Rustica

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Roman estate Villa Rustica

To cut colored model and stick together

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 4

Scale: 1:87 (H0)

Difficulty: 1

Additionally necessary: ​​paper scissors, glue
Helpful tools: scalpel, bone folder, small clamps and needles for fixing

The manufacturer classifies his models in five levels of difficulty one:

"Children Model": very light and with childish motifs
"0": beginners model
"1": Easy
"2": Medium
"3": Heavy

To ensure the supply in the forts and camp villages along the Limes, numerous farms arising in its hinterland. Your included on surplus production scale farming, animal husbandry, vegetable and fruit cultivation. Center of each operation was the main building. There were, depending on the size Additional buildings for processing agricultural products the plant still stables, storage shed and. Always a freestanding or integrated into the main building bathroom for the residents was present. The courtyard area was surrounded by a wall, a fence or a hedge.
Of the many farms in the hinterland of the castle town Sorviodurum (Straubing) which Alburger Villa is best explored. The main building was excavated in large part, many cellars around him to show the existence of further building on. Although the villa rustica was certainly dedicated to agriculture because of good soil, several kilns demonstrate the production of bricks. The 1.5-hectare courtyard area and the representative main building speak for a stately farm. It was built in the late 1st century. Chr. And used until the 3rd century.
The main building shown in the model belongs to the class of so-called. Risalitvilla. There are two corner projections, which are connected by an open portico and flanked by a terrace on the northern front of the building. (Risalits are elements of a building projecting something on the entire height of the building. This is where the left and right parts of the park.) The portico leads into an open courtyard with a pool and cistern. Around the yard several rooms are grouped. The main entrance to the villa is located on the south side have a simple style. During the excavations murals found and underfloor prove comfortable facilities.
In the courtyard area of ​​the world famous Roman treasure was discovered in the 1950s. It is a Verwahrfund of parade armor, weapons, statuettes, tools and equipment. The most impressive parade armor with their face helmets, greaves and head protection plates for the horses. The pieces may have been worn in battle in tournament like Equestrian Games and on festive occasions. The Straubinger Fund is the most extensive complex of these arms race. The parade armor are just like a large model of Alburger villa Gäubodenmuseum to visit Straubing.