Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Lighthouse Ensemble Darßer Ort

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Lighthouse Ensemble Darßer Ort

Lighthouse Ensemble Darßer Ort

Lighthouse Darßer place NATUREUM Darßer Ort

At one of the most beautiful places of the German coast, in a prominent place of the national park Boddenlandscape, built in 1848, the lighthouse Darßer place, a symbol of the German Baltic coast.

The lighthouse Darßer Ort
The Baltic Sea between Darßer place and the Danish town Gedser on Falster Island is rich in shoals. therefore always been this maritime waters is considered dangerous for shipping. Therefore, the lighthouse was completed in the fall of 1848 and taken a little later in operation. He is - after; Schinkel Turm8221; Operated still there now the second-oldest lighthouse on the coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, while the oldest - at Cape Arkona on the island of Ruegen. In 1936, was built to the previously operated with a petroleum or incandescent light beacon on electrical operation. Until 1978 the tower was manned by lighthouse keepers. Today, the beacon automatically with radio remote control. The 35-meter-high lighthouse Darßer place formed a magnet for Darßwanderer since time immemorial. From 1,962 to 1,989 but the tower was not open to the general public - the GDR had declared the area at the Darßer place a closed military zone. Since 1990, Tower and homestead owned by the Water and Shipping Authority Stralsund. The lighthouse Darßer site is now a listed building. In 1990, a comprehensive repair of the dome and the masonry. In 1994, the tower was restored inside and rehabilitated the stairs. the lighthouse be climbed again from visitors - Since March 1995, can - after a break of 33 years.

The NATUREUM Darßer Ort
NATUREUM Darßer Ort8221; Since 1991, the building of the German Oceanographic Museum (Stralsund) as a branch are; utilized. In the historic lighthouse homestead and in the lighthouse itself, visitors will find the exhibitions; natural environment Darßer Ort8221 ;,; animals Darßlandschaft8221; and; history of Leuchtturmes8221 ;. To illustrate particularly the diversity, dynamism and vulnerability come here the unique nature and landscape on the Darß. Numerous stuffed animals give a lifelike impression of the fauna of the sea, beach, dunes and woods of this core zone of the national park. In the Baltic Sea Aquarium, with its three large basins to many fish and invertebrates can be admired from the Baltic Sea immediately before Darßer place. The 35-meter-high lighthouse allows a clear day a fascinating view over the Darßlandschaft and far across the sea - up to the Dornbusch on Hiddensee and the chalk cliffs of the Danish island of Moen. Even the cafe at the lighthouse belongs to NATUREUM and whose visitors reserved. For them, it stops there ready for the opening times a snack and drinks - even a simple lunch meal. From NATUREUM it is only a few steps to the Darsser West beach - one of the few barely changed by man coastal areas of Germany. Here one can in any season; Nature pur8221; experience and long walks on the beach undertake. In summer, the sandy beach and the Baltic Sea here particularly clean water for a swim. A circular trail leads through the dunes area at the Darßer place, providing an interesting insight into those areas of the national parks, which are exclusively reserved nature. The NATUREUM Darßer place can not be reached by car but only on foot, by bicycle or by horse. Nevertheless, every year more than 150,000 visitors come here. Because the lighthouse is an attractive destination for hiking Prerow (about 75 minutes walk), Born and Wieck by the magnificent Darßwald. The NATUREUM Darßer place is open all year round - in the summer months a day (10 -18 hours), during the winter season from Wednesday to Sunday (11 - 16 h).

Length: 25 cm

Width: 24 cm

Height: 23 cm

Difficulty: 1

Sheets: 3

Scale: 1: 160

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