Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Maximilianeum Munich

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Schreiber-Bogen Card Modelling Maximilianeum Munich

Maximilianeum Munich

The Maximilianeum in Munich
Seat of the Bavarian Parliament

The building of the Bavarian Parliament, the Maximilianeum, originated in the mid-19th century as part of an eastward expansion of the city of Munich. . King Maximilian II wanted to create a link between Munich's old city and Haidhausen who roads, bridges, one; Forum; and a so-called; acropolis; was marked. Here, a new boulevard, which was later called Maximilian Street emerged. To this boulevard to give a uniform look, let Maximilian II. Develop your own style. The so-called Maximilian style based on the Anglo-Saxon neo-Gothic, which was supplemented by various elements from all periods of art.

Planning for the Maximilianeum began in 1850. It was first as; higher education institution; thought. With the construction, however, was begun in the year. 1857 It should also be built in the Maximilian style. But just before Maximilian II died. In 1864, he once again change the construction plans, although at that time already a big part of the building was completed. The new plans involved Neurenaissancebögen and column elements. In 1874 the building was completed.

Until 1918, a study Foundation, a historical gallery and the Royal Page School were in the Maximilianeum. the building was destroyed two-thirds by bombing near the end of World War II. When the Bavarian state parliament in 1949, the Maximilianeum elected to his seat, renovations were necessary. In the fifties and sixties wings were built for offices and boardrooms. More wings and underground parking followed in the nineties. In recent renovations in 1998, it was discovered the historical foundation of the building as well as gold coins, portraits of the royal couple and the model of a locomotive. These items are on display in the Stone Hall of the Maximilianeum today.

Length: 42 cm

Width: 33 cm

Height: 14 cm

Difficulty: 2

Bows: 7

Scale: 1: 350

Children model