Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Zeche Zollverein Essen

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Zeche Zollverein Essen

Zeche Zollverein Essen

Zeche Zollverein XII food

Tagged coal we now associate terms like subsidy pit closures, unemployed miners. Here was the coal in the 20th century as global importance as a supplier of heat and electricity that people could not imagine a time after coal. After the Second World War, the coal but with us more and more displaced by the oil and gas, mainly because this energy suppliers made heating and comfort possible. It had heavy coal bucket to be towed. So a coal mine was closed after the other in Germany since the end of the fifties. From 384,000 miners who were working underground in 1957, remained until 1993 only 55,400 left.
Although little coal is used in Germany only, worldwide promotion is increasing year by year, because many poorer countries are still dependent on the coal front, if they want to develop their economy.
The working conditions of miners underground, so in the coal mines, were very hard and dangerous. No natural light, a lot of dust, which makes breathing difficult - under these conditions must be moved out of the coal even large amounts of rock - hard work so throughout the day. Particularly hard as it is when the coal layers that seams are not very thick. Then the miners have to kneeling, sometimes even lying work ahead in narrow tunnels. The recovered coal must then often over long distances in the mine transported until it is supported on the vertical shaft to light. And dangers lurk everywhere: There were repeated accidents in which the tunnel collapsed and the miners were buried. You had with water drops fight and there was poor air, too high in deep pits temperatures.
The Zeche Zollverein XII in Essen was built from 1927 to 1932. From February 1, 1932 12,000 tonnes of hard coal were extracted daily. In 1986 she was decommissioned. It was considered the most beautiful, most advanced and powerful coal mine in Europe and ranks among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. It houses some two dozen institutions in the fields of art, culture, design and new media. In the former Schalthaus the central visitor center is set up. There start tours of the museum. The Zollverein coal mine is not without reason, a great crowd. The recorder model shows except the winding tower left and right outside the two carriers halls. Under the headframe the shaft house is located. Also, parts can be built of Wagenumlauf- and tipper house. The car circulation brought the coal mined from the pit into the tipper house where the material was sieved with machines and sorted.

Length: 47 cm

Width: 11 cm

Height: 19 cm

Difficulty: 1

Bows: 4

Scale: 1: 300

Children model