Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Pharaohs ship

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Pharaohs ship

Pharaohs ship

The Royal Ship of Cheops

In 1954, they put out of the desert sand on the south side of the Great Pyramid two pits free. They were about 31 meters long and covers 41 powerful limestone blocks. In one of the two mines, the researchers found pieces of a great king ship. It is the most famous ship of ancient Egypt and is called solar boat or solar barge of the pharaoh Cheops. It consisted of 1,224 pieces of wood that had survived in good condition 4,600 years. That was only possible because the pit was airtight and watertight. From many parts of the royal ship with the 23-meter planks was reassembled, without the need to use for even a nail could. The planks of cedar, which came from Lebanon, were connected by strings. They were drawn through a system of holes and knotted inside the hull. The ship had a flat bottom with no keel, was 43.3 m long and 5.9 m wide. It had a displacement of 40 tons. The wooden deck house (9.1 m long) is covered by a frame made of horizontal and vertical round timber. Probably about a substance sky was eager to achieve a good thermal insulation. It is believed that the king ship was built shortly after the death of Cheops and a single journey has made. The king's body was driven on the Nile to the traditional places of pilgrimage. The six pairs of oars with 6.8 to 7.8 m in length probably served only to keep the boat on course. In all likelihood, the royal ship was towed by smaller rowing boats. It may have been buried in the pyramid, because it was assumed that it can accompany on his journey after the death of the king like that.

Length: 43 cm

Width: 14 cm

Height: 5 cm

Difficulty: 2

Sheets: 2

Scale: 1: 100

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