Schreiber-Bogen Cardboard model Tugboat "Württemberg"

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Schreiber-Bogen Cardboard model Tugboat   "Württemberg"

Colored cardboard model to cut out and paste together!

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 5,5

Scale: 1:100

Difficulty: 2

Additionally required: paper scissors, glue
Useful Tools: scalpel, small clamps and needles for fixing

Manufacturer classifies the models in 5 levels of difficulty:

"Child model": very easy and with childlike motives
      "0": Beginner model
      "1": Easy
      "2": Moderately difficult
      "3": Difficult

Length:  67cm

Width:   15cm
Height   11cm






For 65 years the impressive Elbe tugboat Württemberg pulled its loads on the Elbe. The contract to build the ship came from the new German-Bohemian Elbe waterway AG8221 in Dresden. Shipyard and Machine Works brothers Sachsenberg in Roßlau built the ship starting in 1908, and in March 1909, was able to walk off the stack. The shipping company named their ships after the states the Country. So the steamer was named Württemberg.  The first master of the vessel brought his three sons on board, which initially resulted in nicknames such as the Family Tugboat. The family was very musical and practiced with their musical instruments as much as possible. Therefore the captain hired other crew members who also played instruments. So the Württemberg was in the twenties know as the Musical Tugboat. He experienced an eventful history. The financial situation of the operator was difficult, so that the Free State of Saxony came to the rescue and became a major shareholder.  During the course of the war the Tugboat suffered various damages due to Air raids and repairs were completed after the war had ended. The operating company went into state ownership and was immediately called Elbe waterway Sachsen,  ownership and names changed several times in the following years. Increased use of motor boats however, made the the steamer scarce. In 1972 the Württemberg was the only Tugboat still in use. On April 30, 1974, she ended her long service with a solemn honor ride. She led the traditional parade of the White Flotte in Magdeburg. On their journey between Hamburg and the Czech town of Usti nad Labem (Aussig) they had in all the years covered about 800,000 kilometers and transported two billion tons of products.

But what should be done with the ship? It was decided to convert the Tugboat into a museum and restaurant ship. In 1976, renovations were finished. The really interesting ship now belongs to the city park Rotehorn in Magdeburg. The public can admire a unique part of technical and maritime history on the spot. The cardboard model represents the original state at thelaunching. The steamer itself was rebuilt several times and painted differently. The two-cylinder steam engine contributed 625 hp at about 40 revolutions per minute. A review after 44years of operation, the performance was still completely intact! The Württemberg was thus 3,600 t with 4 km / h upstream and downstream draw with 15 km / h.