Castillo de Canena Virgin olive oil Picual 0.5 l

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Castillo de Canena Virgin olive oil Picual 0.5 l

Cru oils from Andalusia Castillo de Canena has produced a family of vanos family, which already for 250 years quality olive oils.
The estate is located in Andalusia, close to Jean and surrounded by its own olive groves. New to the range is the 1st of Harvest line consisting of two oils of olive variety Picual and Arbequino. This strictly limited oils are of extraordinary quality and year-round hard work in the olive grove.
They are read at perfect maturity on the first day of the harvest, processed immediately and therefore have a very special freshness and fruitiness.
The labels are designed each year by a different artist.
This year it is the singer Alejandro Sanz. Definitely a failed product is the smoke-olive oil XXI Century Oil Collection, which is often used in top restaurants.
, Wood chips made of birch, beech and oak are for smoking for the elaborate production used. The wood gives the oil, in addition to an intense smoke flavor, delicate aromas of fresh apples and almonds and soft notes of toffee and vanilla.
The olive oil Family Reserve, is the pride of the whole family. Will it still regularly highly rewarded. 2005 was awarded the first Spanish oil the Coq d'Or Guide des Gourmandes.
The important leaders Guia Restauradore has classified the Family Reserve one of the 100 best gourmet products of Spain. In the magazine Lo mejor de la Gastronomia she got 9.25 out of 10 points, the Guía Sibaritas José Peñin gave her 94 out of 100 points and thus counted them among the best olive oils in the world The oils that are bottled as Family Reserve, are always unmixed tip oils.
They are typical of the type of olive, they are an expression of the terroir, are highly aromatic and of unsurpassed subtlety. They transport seasoning, health and enjoyment.

Content: 500 ml
Manufacturer: Castillo de Canena
Country: Spain
Region: Jaen

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