El Avion - Sweet paprika, smoked 160 g

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El Avion - Sweet paprika, smoked 160 g

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Manufacturer: El Avion

03660 Alicante


Spanish tradition pure! This is El Avion Pimenton, which can be found in every Spanish kitchen and adds a personal touch to many dishes. The special feature of El Avion is traditionally slightly smoky flavor component that arises from a special smoking process: After grinding the dried red peppers, is lightly smoked the powder. Incidentally, using exactly the oaks, whose acorns, the Iberian pork fed for smoking. Spanish tradition pure flat. El Avion processed exclusively mature and healthy peppers, which is why no dyes must be added, and thus is a natural product. In the kitchen, the powder is used to impart color dishes and spice. It fits the classic paella, but also for seasoning meat, fish, cheese and stews.

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Country: Spain

Region: Valencia

Storage temperature: no information

Ingredients: smoked paprika mild smoked paprika mild

Organic farming: No

Vegetarian: Yes

Vegans: Yes

Diabetics: Yes

Genetically modified: No

Contents: 160 grams

Drained: no information

Nutritional information per 100g:


kcal: no information

kj: no information

Fat (g): No Information

of which Saturated fatty acids (g): No Information

it simply Unsaturated fat (g): No Information

of which polyunsaturated fatty acids (g): No Information

Carbohydrates (g): No Information

Carbohydrates sugar (g): No Information

Carbohydrates MehrwAlko (g): No Information

Carbohydrates strength (g): 0

Dietary fiber (g): 0

Protein (g): 0

Salt (g): 0

Vitamins and minerals (mg / ug): 0

Gluten: No

Crustaceans: No

Eggs: No

Fish: No

Peanuts: No

Soy: No

Milk Lactose: No

Nuts: No.

Celery: No

Mustard: No

Sesame seeds: No

SulfitSchwefedioxyd: No

Lupins: No

Molluscs: No

Beef: No

Pork: No

Chicken: No

May contain traces of: Corn

Cocoa: No

Legumes: No

Glutamate: No

Coriander: May contain traces

Carrot: No

Yeast: No

Benzon: No

Azo dyes: May contain traces

Tarazin: May contain traces

Cinnamon: May contain traces

May contain traces of vanillin

Trisacharide: May contain traces