Aceto Balsamico 'Giusti' Riserva, 8 years, 250 ml – Giusti

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Aceto Balsamico 'Giusti' Riserva

Balsamic Vinegar, 8 years

250 ml, origin: Italy/Modena

Giusti - that's ancient nobility among the balsamic producers since 1605, that are great, traditional products, that is high quality, that's history, that are centuries-old barrels for the aging of balsamic vinegar ... one could forever continue. Primarily the company Giuseppe Giusti is considered king of balsamic producers, as well as the founder of the "Golden Rules" for making balsamic vinegar class, which Giuseppe Giusti wrote in 1863 on the occasion of the Trade Show in Modena (Esposizione Agraria). This scripture is now known as "La Recetta di Giusti" (Guistis recipe). To maintain the image of a pioneer, over the years, Giusti has developed a very fine collection of balsamic vinegars of highest quality that convinces with its personal, delicate characteristics. The pride of their own history, the love for their tradition, the patriotism to their own past and the passion for their own product can still be seen today in high quality, authentic and individual balsamic vinegars.


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