Shaving Brush Hair Quality

The choice of your shaving brush depends (mostly) on price, of course, but not solely. A low priced brush may not be optimal for your delicate skin type. On the other hand, an expensive and very fine brush may not be able to cope coarse beard hair. We show you the advantages of the different types of brush hair. The decision is yours!

Boar Bristle

The bristle offers affordable solid beginner quality. Boar bristle is thicker and stronger than badger hair. This makes it less flexible and elastic. It absorbs less water, which makes the lather less creamy than a badger hair brush. However, the strength can also be an advantage. The bristle can handle particularly stubborn beard hair well. It also provides a pleasant massage effect. For delicate skin we recommend to rather choose a softer shaving brush.

Boar bristle shaving brushes

Pure Badger

Due to its dark color without the characteristic band, Pure Badger can easily be distinguished from the higher grades of badger hair. The hair is thicker and firmer than Best Badger and Silvertip, but finer than boar bristle. The comparatively cheaper price makes the Pure Badger a great advancement option for increasing shaving demands.

Pure Badger shaving brushes

Fine Badger

The quality of Fine Badger or Best Badger comes close to that of Silvertip. The brighter the hair, the finer it is and the creamier the lather becomes. Best Badger has the same banded color pattern as Silvertip, only it is slightly darker, so less fine.

Fine Badger shaving brushes

Silvertip Badger

The high-end segment among the shaving brushes. Silvertip brushes are handmade. The hair is particularly light and soft and shows a nice contrast to the dark middle band. Water is absorbed very well and ensures a creamy lather. The brush is gentle and supple on sensitive skin. In addition, a silvertip shaving brush provides you with that special prestige and lets you be recognized as a true shave expert. For thick coarse beard hair, however, a firmer shaving brush may be more suitable.

Silvertip Badger shaving brushes

Synthetic fibres

If you dislike animal products but do not want to give up a first-class shave, synthetic hair offers a vegan alternative. It is not quite as soft as badger hair and holds less water. But still it offers great quality and needs less care. Sometimes the fibers are dyed to achieve that typical Silvertip look.

Synthetic fibers shaving brushes