Victorinox Swiss Classic Knife Set with Block, 6 parts, 6.7127.6L14

Item number 6.7127.6L14

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Victorinox Swiss Classic Knife Set with Block, 6 parts


Paring, steak, tomato knifes and peeler with extra sharp blades.


Quick, sharp and nimble: Theese knifes are fine enough for delicate delicacies and robust enough for demanding meat pieces.

As the winner of the Kitchen Innovation Price 2014, this handy knife block always astonishes. Cook like a pro and use the color system to easily distinguish each knife.

Thanks to their modern design and vast functionality this SwissClassic Utility Block is a real Swiss classic.



  • Steak and Pizza Knife, Wavy Edge, 12 cm, blue
  • Tomato and Sausage Knife, Wavy Edge, 11 cm, light green
  • Pairing Knife, Middle Point, 10 cm, pink
  • Pairing Knife, Middle Point, Wavy Edge, 8 cm, red
  • Pairing Knife, Middle Point, 8 cm, orange
  • All-Purpose Peeler, Serrated Edge, yellow


Length of blade 8, 10, 11, 12 cm
Type of edge Standard Edge & Wavy Edge
Handle material Synthetic material
Weight 628 g
Color Multicolored
Dishwasher safe Yes