Windmühlenmesser Multipurpose Knife Santoku, Red Beech, Stainless, Fine-glazed, 300mm

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Windmühlenmesser Multipurpose Knife Santoku, Red Beech, Stainless, Fine-glazed, 300mm

The blade shape "Santoku" originally comes from Japan. The name "Santoku" ("San" = three, "Toku" = virtues) refers to its ability to be used simultaneously for fish, meat and vegetables. Characteristic is that the dull upper edge with the handle forms a line and the wide blade protrudes far under the handle and thus offers sufficient space for fingers.

The "glazing" describes a machining process by which a very homogeneous surface is achieved on the blade.
The difference to simpler knives - which appear unclean and coarse due to visible grind marks - is that the blade offers considerably less attack points and therefore a higher corrosion protection.

Solingen Dry-Fine Grinding:
In contrast to most of today's knives, windmill knives are still manufactured with the principle of the "Solingen dry-fine grinding".
The blade angle is set high above, whereby the blade runs slantingly and pointedly towards the cutting edge.
The result is particularly evident in the high sharpness and edge retention.
This traditional type of cut is rarely practiced even in Solingen, but the high appreciation of Solinger knives all over the world is justified.

This universal kitchen knife is easy to use for the preparation of meat, fish and vegetables.
Finely balanced and provided with a wide blade, it glides gently through the ingredients.

Handle: Red beech
Blade: Stainless Steel
Surface: fine-glazed
Blade length: approx. 165mm
Total length: approx. 300mm
For left- and right-handed

100% FSC certified