Victorinox Swiss Classic In-Drawer Knife Holder, 6.7143.5

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Victorinox Swiss Classic In-Drawer Knife Holder

  • Knife Holder Made of Sturdy Beechwood

    High functionality, cool aesthetics and slick ergonomics set this compact kitchen storage solution in a league of its own. A fresh twist on the classic knife block, our Swiss Classic In-Drawer Knife Holder will liberate your counter by keeping five cutting-edge blades stored away safe and smart. Crafted in sturdy and cool-hued beechwood, the expertly designed knife slots are shaped and angled for effortless insertion.


  • Bread Knife, wavy edge, 21 cm
  • Santoku Knife, fluted edge, 17 cm
  • Carving Knife, 19 cm
  • Tomato Knife, wavy edge, 11 cm
  • Paring Knife, pointed tip, 8 cm


Key features

  • Optimal 5-piece knife combination
  • Safe and elegant drawer storage solution
  • Compact and slip-resistant
Article number 6.7143.5
Size 435 x 148 x 65 mm
Weight 1897 g


Material Beech



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