LIGNE W Sommelier knife "L'IROQUOIS", plastic, black, stainless

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LIGNE W Sommelier knife "L'IROQUOIS", plastic, black, stainless

The name "L'IROQUOIS" comes from a Canadian friend whom remembered the shape of this sommeliers to the profile of an Indian!
Thus, the sommelier knife was named after the famous Canadian tribe "L'IROQUOIS".
The sommelier knife gives with its double professional lever and the corkscrew in teflon.

The corkscrew LIGNE W combine classic wine accessories with modern design,
in order to create an appearance and an atmosphere that are connected with the enjoyment of wine.
LIGNE W mixes modern colors, shapes and materials with ancient techniques to create visually stunning and highly functional parts.
Each LIGNE W corkscrew is made from quality materials and thoroughly tested before it leaves the French workshop.

Weight: 82g
Synthetic handle
Color: Black