Fisher Space Pen 3 Ballpoint Refill Blue wide

Item number BUN-SPR1B-x3

Item ID 15053

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Fisher Space 3 Ballpoint Refill Blue wide

The Fisher Space Pen Gas Pressure Mine writes with the tip up, under water, in burning heat (up to 200 degrees Celsius), icy cold (down to -50 degrees Celsius) and in weightlessness.

The writing time is three times as long as that of a conventional ballpoint pen.

An included adapter converts the Fisher Space Pen Mine into a "Parker Large Capacity", making it suitable for use in ballpoint pens with a large-scale refill ballpoint pen.

These include: Aurora, Cleo, Delta, Diplomat, Graf von Faber-Castell, Ferrari, Faber-Castell, Kaweco, Lepine, Omas, Parker, Pelikan, Senator, Visconti, Waldmann u.v.m.

Available in the following colors and line widths:
Black, fine
Black, medium
Black, wide
Blue, fine
Blue, medium
Blue, fine
Brown, medium