Fisher Space Pen Ballpoint Refill Black wide #SPR4B

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Fisher Space Ballpoint Refill Black wide

The Fisher Space Pen Gas Pressure Mine writes with the tip up, under water, in burning heat (up to 200 degrees Celsius), icy cold (down to -50 degrees Celsius) and in weightlessness.

The writing time is three times as long as that of a conventional ballpoint pen.

An included adapter converts the Fisher Space Pen Mine into a "Parker Large Capacity", making it suitable for use in ballpoint pens with a large-scale refill ballpoint pen.

These include: Aurora, Cleo, Delta, Diplomat, Graf von Faber-Castell, Ferrari, Faber-Castell, Kaweco, Lepine, Omas, Parker, Pelikan, Senator, Visconti, Waldmann u.v.m.

Available in the following colors and line widths:
Black, fine
Black, medium
Black, wide
Blue, fine
Blue, medium
Blue, fine
Brown, medium