3 Kaweco Ballpoint Pen refills G2 blau 0.8

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3 Kaweco ball pen refill G2 blue 0.8
Kaweco G2 refill for ball pens brands: Student, Dia, Allrounder, Special.
Kaweco products have been well known for their outstanding quality in writing ever since.
Refill G2 is also suitable for utensils made by other manufacturers (Pelikan, Faber-Castell, Parker)
and convinces above all for it´s diversity in line thickness.

Available as
-blue delicat 0.8
-blue medium 1.0
-blue wide 1.4
-black delicat 0.8
-black medium 1.0
-black wide 1.4
For line thickness, please see article description and image.

Please keep in mind: The broader the line thickness, the softer you´ll write. Obviously, the usage of ink will be higher at the same filling volume with increasing line thickness and therefor the ink will be used up more quickly.