5 Kaweco Ballpoint Pen Refills D1 black M (1.0)

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Kaweco D1 Refill for Sport and Liliput Ballpoint Pens

Kaweco products are long known for their outstanding quality of writing.
The D1 Refill which also fits products by other manufacturers is great, because of its variety in width.
It is available in:
-blue fine 0.8
-blue medium 1.0
-blue broad 1.2
-black fine 0.8
-black medium 1.0
-black broad 1.2
Please look up the width of the here offered Refills in the name of the product and its picture.
These Refills were developed especially for small Ballpoint Pens and Multifunctional writing instruments.
Please note that the endurance of the Refill is limited because it is small.
Furthermore: The broader the Refill, the softer the feeling of writing, but because the writing takes more ink the Refill is empty more quickly.