Pelikan Gemstone Ink Sapphire / Blue Ink 50ml

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Pelikan Gemstone Ink Sapphire / Blue Ink 50ml

Exclusive ink collection in gemstone colors and stylish flacon.
Edelstein Ink is a completely newly developed ink. The collection consists of 7 brilliant inks in gemstone colors, whose special recipe conveys a special writing experience.
With Edelstein Ink, the nib glides gently over the paper and offers a lot of safety in use, because it is precisely matched to the filigree fountain pen components.

The heavy bottles made of thick-walled glass, styled in a soft design, are also very high quality and unique.
The gemstone bottle with 50 ml of ink lies comfortably in the hand and is a gem and eye-catcher on every desk.
Color: onyx / black