Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Indian Ink Gold 50 ml

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Rohrer & Klingner Drawing Indian Ink Gold 50 ml

Rohrer''''s Drawing Indian Ink is a range of lightfast inks consisting of 24 colour tones developed together with the company H. Schmincke & Co.

The pigments used are light-fast and have particularly beautiful colouring. The pure acrylate used as a binding agent is colourless, does not yellow and is resistant to ageing.

The colour tones combine beautiful brilliance, good wetting characteristics, high marginal sharpness and a good level of indian ink release with an optimally adjusted drying time. They are resistant to erasers and adhesive tape, and are largely wipe and water resistant.

The Drawing Indian Ink is designed for technical purposes as well as calligraphy and is suitable for drawing paper, drawing cardboard, tracing paper and matted polyester foils. For calligraphy the use of more strongly absorbent papers such as Bütten-Ingres paper or watercolour paper is also possible.

It is worth to highlight the broad range of applications of this indian ink in terms of techniques and drawing surfaces. It can be used with quills and brushes in calligraphy or painting, for washes in the watercolour style, for sketches as well as for charts and draft designs. The relatively high pigmentation also allows for the use of indian ink tubes (isographs). In addition, Rohrer''''s Drawing Indian Ink is also suitable for use with an airbrush.

All 24 colours can be mixed with one another. They may also be combined with Rohrer''''s traditional indian ink (range 28). These can allow for interesting metallic effects, for example, when combined with gold and silver.


Instructions for use:
The Drawing Indian Ink is ready to use, but should be shaken before use.