Kaufmann's skin and baby cream 75 ml

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Kaufmann's skin and baby cream 75 ml

Kaufmann's skin and baby cream is a specially developed skin care cream for sensitive skin. The range of applications includes all skin types and all body areas.

Kaufmann's skin and baby cream has proved its worth in medical practices and hospitals. For over six decades, it is among the most recommended products of its kind.

Through proven ingredients it promotes the development of a soft skin.

It forms a protective, nourishing surface that we constantly need against environmental influences.

Especially the sensitive baby skin lacks the protective layer against bacteria and pollutants. Here again, Kaufmann's skin and baby cream shows its reliable effect. A long-lasting protective film prevents the penetration of moisture.

Every mother knows how important these protective properties are in the diaper area to prevent painful soreness.

Permanent contact with pediatricians, midwives, pediatric nurses and parents confirm the high product technology of Kaufmann's skin and baby cream by providing excellent results in its use.

By the way, Kaufmann's skin and baby cream develops its beneficial effects even with "big kids"!

without water, no preservatives, produced in Germany


Petrolatum (Vaseline DAB 10) / Lanolin (nat. Wollfett) / Zinc Oxide / Parfum (nat. Oele) / d-Limonene / Geraniol / Linalool / Citral / Citronellol / Amyl Cinnamal / Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


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