Victorinox Paring knife with wavy edge, pink, 10 cm, 6.7736.L5

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Victorinox Paring knife with wavy edge, pink, 10 cm

Paring knives in different shapes, sizes and Colors are among the best-sellers of Swiss Classic line. It also includes a model that unites the benefits of a pointed tip and a wavy edge. This multi-functional paring knife with a blade length of ten centimeters is now also available in the fresh colors of green, pink, yellow and orange. Thanks to the wavy edge, fruit and vegetables with firm peel are peeled easily. Remove unwanted spots in no time with the pointed tip. The knives are dishwasher-safe and remain sharp for a very long time thanks to the wavy edge.


Length of blade 10 cm
Type of edge Wavy edge
Color pink
Dishwasher safe Yes