Victorinox SwissClassic Vegetable Knife Set, 3-piece, 6.7116.31G

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SwissClassic Vegetable Knife Set, 3-piece

The first colored SwissClassic vegetable knife setcombines all necessary blade lengths, forms and sharpenings, which is needed for easily preparing all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Comes in an attractive gift wrapping. Thanks to the serrated edge the knife easily cuts through sturdy and thick peels without damaging the rest. For small vegetable and fruit sorts the straight edge with a clean and smooth cut is most reliable while unwanted parts can be simply removed with the edge's center point. With this dish-washer proof helper in the kitchen, nothing's impossible.



1x     6.7606.L118 Swiss Classic Vegetable Knife
8 cm, yellow

1x     6.7736.L9 Swiss Classic Vegetable Knife
10 cm, orange

1x     6.7836.L114 Swiss Classic Tomato Knife
11 cm, green



Length: 276 mm
Width: 110 mm
Height: 17 mm
Lot Weight: 136 g
Gift Wrapping
Handle Material: Synthetic