Steak knife, Set of 2, wavy edge, Victorinox SwissClassic, 12 cm, 6.7933.12B

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SwissClassic Steak knife Gourmet, 12 cm

A steak knife for gourmets.

Victorinox has been known for its steak knives for decades. After the launch of our Gaucho steak knife collection, many customers came to us looking for a knife with the best features, in a medium size and at an exceptional price. Fortunately, we have very good engineers who met the challenge head on, and we will soon have a new best seller in our product range. Our steak knife comes with a 12-cm blade in two versions. With serrated edge for traditionalists, and a straight cut for gourmets.


Length of blade 12 cm
Type of edge Wavy edge
Handle material Synthetic material
Length 232 mm
Width 12 mm
Height 25 mm
Weight 36.4 g
Color Black
Dishwasher safe Yes