Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Ronneburg

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling Ronneburg


The Ronneburg is situated on a hill on the edge of the Wetterau. The castle was considered a hedge surrounding trade routes and villages. The various owners left their marks. By the Thirty Years War the castle suffered considerable damage. By the Mid-17th century the Ronneburg was fully restored. It was even further expanded.
As a place of faith it was open to all. Whether Moravians, Waldensian, Huguenot, separatist or Jew, for all the Ronneburg was a stronghold of faith. In the 19th century the Grand Duchy of Hesse annexed the Ronneburg alongside the entire Buedinger country.
1904, the castle had to be closed for visitors. But in 1905, the Ronneburg was already so far restored, that it could be visited again. Today, the Ronneburg is a museum. The Hessian Group of the German Castles Association manages and maintains the castle. The association has set itself the task of preserving the Ronneburg as a landscape and history defining element.


Length: 55 cm

Width: 42 cm

Height: 23 cm


Difficulty Level: 2 (moderately difficult)

Sheets: 9.5

Scale: 1:250