Schreiber-Bogen Cardboard Model, Submarine U-9

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Schreiber-Bogen Cardboard Model, Submarine U-9


Submarine U 9

Colored cardboard model to cut out and paste together!

Material: paper, cardboard

Number of sheets: 1,5

Scale: 1:100

Difficulty: 1

Additionally required: paper scissors, glue
Useful Tools: scalpel, small clamps and needles for fixing

Manufacturer classifies the models in 5 levels of difficulty:

"Child model": very easy and with childlike motives
      "0": Beginner model
      "1": Easy
      "2": Moderately difficult
      "3": Difficult

Length:  45cm

Width:   5cm
Height   13cm

The U 9 was built by Howaldts Company in Kiel for the German Navy and was put in service in 1966.  It is 45 m long, 4.6 m wide and has a draft of 4 m. Two diesel generators and an electric motor form the drive. The U 9, reached a maximum of 10 knots above water and 17 knots submerged. In the most economical speed of 5 knots, the boat had a range of 4177 nautical miles at 11 knots there were only 1300 nautical miles. The nominal diving depth was 100 m. Today you can visit the U 9 in the Technik Museum Speyer.  The colossus weighed 466 tons and was transported through the North Sea and the Rhine River.  The last few kilometers on land the most difficult. Three tractor trailers that had a combined 1500 HP were necessary to move the U-9 to its new home in Speyer Germany.