Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling tuna vessels "Proud Mary"

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Schreiber-Bogen Card modeling tuna vessels "Proud Mary"

Tuna vessels "Proud Mary"

In 1955, a structural change was completed in Thunfischfängerei in the United States. While in Europe the first bagging a new development led in the field of trawling was carried out in the United States, the transition from recreational fisheries for the purse seine fishery. This new American method has spread very quickly. The essential feature of this method is the use of so-called. Drive block (power block). The ring seines that have a length of 800 to 1000 m associated with the upper edge of floats in the water, while the lower edge of chains to m is pulled low: 100. This purse seine is exposed under the rear of the cutter and is designed with the assistance of a special auxiliary ship, in a large circle around the detected school of fish. After the circuit has been closed and handed over to the second end of the lines from the dinghy to the cutter, the lower part of the net is drawn together by a hydraulic winch, so a huge bag is created from which the fish can no longer escape. The cutter is now up to the outer ring side and begins using the hydraulic winch to hoist the net on board. The power block is mounted for this purpose at the end of the derrick, and the heavy chains are brought on board via the hydraulic means of further winds. Finally, one gets the fish with large net nets over a second, smaller derrick on board.
The model of this model vessel had a length of 19.8 m, a width of 5.3 m and a draft of 2.4 m.

Length: 40 cm

Width: 11cm

Height: 32 cm

Difficulty: 3

Arches: 10.5

Scale: 1:50

Children model