Model railways - steam locomotive Adler 1835 - Retro sheet model

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Model railways - steam locomotive Adler 1835 - Retro sheet model

Replica the original building, entirely made of metal. Very detail and handmade. With moving wheels and in many ways the original very close to coming.

The eagle was the first locomotive to be commercially successful in passenger and later also drove in freight transport in Germany. He and his sister machine arrow were performed as steam car. The railway vehicle was designed in 1835 and built by the company founded in 1823 Robert Stephenson and Company in Newcastle and the Royal privileged Louis Railway Company in Nuremberg to operate on its route between Nuremberg and Fürth delivered. The official opening drive train found after repeated postponement (the first date of the birth of Louis I. had planned on August 25, another on 24 November), finally, on December 7, 1835 instead. The regular operation started on December 8. 1835 The eagle was 1A1 (Whyte notation: 2-2-2) a steam engine of the type Patentee with the wheel arrangement and equipped with a Schlepptender of the type 2 T 2.

(Source: Wikipedia)

length 30cm

width 18cm

height 13cm