Model airplane Fokker 1917 - Retro sheet model

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Model airplane Fokker 1917 - Retro sheet model

Replica the original building, entirely made of metal. Very detail and handmade. With moving wheels and in many ways the original very close to coming.

Anton Herman Gerard Fokker produced from 1912 with its AHG Fokker aircraft Aeroplanbau in Berlin-Johannisthal. In 1913, the relocation of the company was made to Schwerin and a change of name to Fokker Aeroplanbau GmbH. That is located directly in the Bornhövedstraße Lake Schwerin work whose production halls still exist to this day, the famous Fokker monoplane, the triplane Fokker Dr.I stemmed (often with Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, linked) and the Fokker D.VII, an aircraft type with extraordinary for its time performance parameters. (Source: Wikipedia)

length 29cm

width 25cm

height 13cm