Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Brass Nib: M (medium)

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Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen Brass Nib: M (medium)

The big brother of the Liliput series.

Made to offer a bigger variant with the same design and quality Kaweco Liliput is known for, the Supra has no shortcomings compared to his smaller relative:

The body is made of solid brass and keeps the same simple yet elegant design and comes quipped with a stainless steel nib with iridium core and a format already known from the Elite series.

Not to lose any handiness with it's diameter of ca. 12 mm, the Supra is fitted with a removable middle section, which allows the user to change the overall size from 125 mm to 95 mm.
Additionally, the ability to attach the cap to the pen's end allows to vary the length with additional 40 mm.

Possible combinations:
Variant 1 (125mm) : Handle Piece - Extension -  Main Body
Variant 2 (95mm)   : Handle Piece - Main Body
Variant 3 (135mm) : Handle Piece - Main Body - Cap
Variant 4 (165mm) : Handle Piece - Extension - Main Body - Cap
The pen is made from untreated brass, coming in contact with the skin or air changes the surface over time, creating an indiviual optic.

While being in it's long form, a piston converter like the Kaweco Deluxe Silver can be used.

The offer consists of the pen with cap, extension and a Kaweco tin can with vintage look.