Pelikan Classic M200 Black Piston Fountain Pen, gold plated, nib EF

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Pelikan Classic M200 Black Piston Fountain Pen with gold plated stainless steel nib EF

Simply Classic

If you’re looking for the classic writing instrument par excellence, stop right here. The fountain pen Classic black has a timeless design with its barrel and cap in polished black. It is made of high-quality resin. The 24 carat gold-plated decorative rings and the characteristic Pelikan beak clip underline its traditional design, with a transparent-green ink viewing window as a classy and colorful accent.

The Classic black is equipped with a traditional and reliable piston-filling mechanism. Different nib-sizes are available when it comes to the polished high-quality stainless steel nib.


Model: M200

Total length: 125 mm

Shaft length: 121mm

Shaft diameter: 12mm

Cap length: 57mm