Otter Mercator - Pocket Knife, 8cm Blade, Iron Box, stainless

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Otter Mercator - Pocket Knife, 8cm Blade, Iron Box, stainless

This pocket knife is by far the most famous knife of Otter. The history of the model goes back to 1867 when the company Heinrich Kaufmann & Sons Indiawerk has the Mercator knife designed and produced and registered it as D.R.G.M.. Since 1995 Otter owns the trademarks. Known beyond the country's borders was the knife in the 1st World War, when it was given to the soldiers of the German army under Kaiser Wilhelm II. The end of the 2nd World War brought the knife a cult status. The Mercator knife was one of the most popular souvenirs of the American GI's, when they returned from Germany home. By the metal box construction of the handle the knife is stable, flat, lightweight and portable. An ideal daily companion that fits in every jacket or trouser pocket. The blade is made of best Solingen steel and securely locked in Backlock.


Total length: 20,0 cm
Blade length: 8,0 cm
Weight: ~74 g
Blade thickness: 2,0 mm
Handle material: steel
Lock: Backlock


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