Laguiole en Aubrac Pocket Knife, Bone, polished Steel Baking L0211OSI

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Laguiole en Aubrac Pocket Knife, Bone, polished Steel Baking L0211OSI

Handmade "Laguiole en Aubrac" pocket knife.
- Blade made of 12C27 Swedish Sandvik steel
- Handle from cooking
- Forged spring
- polished stainless steel baking

Comes in the original Laguiole en Aubrac linen bag.

"Born in 1829 in Laguiole, a small mountain village in Aveyron (southwestern France), the modest farm knife, his famous bee, the mark of quality and prestige that graces the knife's knife, makes it the most famous knife Of France. "

With the Laguiole, an invaluable companion for leisure and work has entered your life. The pleasantly lying knife will bring you many beautiful memories over time. 160 years of history carry this still unattainable knife in itself. Ideal for cutting Aubrac products enriched with the region's weed fumes, cutting a stick to make way through the ferns, collecting piles or just carving in the shade of an oak tree: so many precious moments in life when you take it Laguiole knives will appreciate.

Principal quality criteria of local handicraft:
- Individual hardening
- Customized by hand and good judgment
- Assembly of each individual model in one step and by one and the same cutler
- Manual ornamentation (Guillochage) of the blade and spring

!!! natural product. Appearance of the handle can vary !!!

Weight: 82g
Handle length: 11cm
Blade length: 8cm

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