Ballistol Universal Oil, 500 ml

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Ballistol Universal Oil, 500 ml

Old-tried and unrivaled

Skin-friendly, biodegradable, food-safe

- Lubricates skin-friendly
- Maintains biodegradably
- Cleans the environment-friendly
- Rust protection without hardening

Weapon care

Neutralizes acidic powder deposits, removes lead, copper and tombak lubrication. Cleans, nourishes, lubricates, preserves and protects against rust. Does not harden, creeps into the finest spaces.

Animal care

For paw, fur and ear care. For massaging in reed beds. For horses also for mane, tail and hooves. Ideal for wound treatment.

Machines and devices

Cleaning, care and preservation of metal, aluminum, chrome and plastic parts for machines and equipment of all kinds, also in the food industry. Ballistol universal oil neutralizes hand welding and protects against rust. Without PTFE and silicone.

Leather and wood

Cleans and regenerates smooth leather, makes it supple, protects against water and putrefaction. Light leather can darken. Not suitable for suede. Gives a silky shimmer to natural wood, removes water stains.

Content, if well sealed, indefinitely durable!

Contains: 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.)