Victorinox Pocket Knife Ranger WineMaster, Walnut 0.9701.63

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Victorinox Pocket Knife Ranger WineMaster, Walnut 0.9701.63

Opening a wine bottle requires a celebration.
Now the Wine Master makes this possible and offers a variety of wine makers, picnics and collectors a multifunctional tool in the highest quality and precision.
The extra long corkscrew with five coils, which protects against the breaking of the cork when pulling out, is striking.
It is supported by a combination tool, which on the one hand serves as a two-stage support and can be used as a capsule lifter on the other hand.
The pocket knife also has a beak-shaped curved blade for cutting and separating the wine bottle capsule.
This combination of large blade and professional corkscrew makes the Wine Master so special.
An additional view is also the beautiful, high-quality leather case, which is included with every piece.
With the Wine Master the perfect wine experience!

Key features

  • 6 functions
  • Large lock blade
  • Elegant wood scales
Height 17 mm
Length 130 mm
Weight 120 g


  1. Locking Blade
  2. Corkscrew
  3. Two-Stage Support with
  4. - Capsule Lifter
  5. Foil Cutter
  6. Key Ring


Scale material Walnut 
Size 130 mm
Blade lockable Yes 
One hand blade No



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