Victorinox Sea World Classic Limited Edition 2015, 0.6223.L1502

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Victorinox "Sea World" Classic Limited Edition 2015

The versatile Classic Limited Edition 2015 is ready!
The top ten designs that emerged from the Facebook voting competition are finished and ready for delivery. The number of submitted creative ideas was as high as ever this year. No fewer than 1424 ideas were available.
From animal design "Lion King" to the sporty "Bicycle" up to the idyllic "Swiss Village", Victorinox put the ten most outstanding ideas into action.

The "Sea World" design represents a fascinating sketchy Sea World Story.

1. blade
2. nailfile with
3. -nail cleaner
4. scissors
5. key ring
6. tweezers
7. toothpick


Length 58 mm
Width 18 mm
Height 9 mm
Net Weight 22 g
Gross Weight 26 g


Folding multi-tool blade under 3 inches