Victorinox SwissCard «VX Colors», 0.7107.841

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SwissCard “VX Colors”


At last year’s design contest for the Classic Limited Edition 2012 an outstanding idea was brought to the attention of Victorinox. The main aspect of the design are the colored and assorted cross & shields which are well known by our consumers all over the world. A special collection has been produced,  the “VX Colors” in three different varieties. The Classic (58mm), the Spartan (91mm) and the SwissCard. There is something for everyone, whether you wear the Classic on a key chain, the Spartan on your belt or the SwissCard in your wallet.


  1. letter opener (blade) 
  2. scissors 
  3. pin stainless 
  4. tweezers 
  5. toothpick 
  6. ballpoint pen 
  7. ruler (cm) 
  8. ruler (inches) 


Color VX Colors
Length 82 mm
Width 54.5 mm
Height 4.5 mm
Net Weight 26 g

Folding multi-tool blade under 3 inches